Thursday, May 14, 2015

Announcing the first Fursat Food Walk - Chatori Walk in Lucknow

Due to some unavoidable reasons, postponing the Chatori Walk to August. The chaat will taste better when it starts raining, trust me.

Crisp aloo tikiya sizzling on the iron skillet, batashe filled with flavoured pani and soft wadas dunked in sweet dahi - this is what I picture at the mention of chaat. For me chaat is synonymous to Lucknow and I am biased about the chaat from my city. I am not sure if it originated here, but the way Lucknowis talk about chaat, it sure looks so.

Lucknow’s streets are abuzz with chaat places, both fancy restaurants and tiny road-side joints. There are some as old as 100 years. This walk is not about going to the more popular and new places, sitting at an air-conditioned restaurant and eating batashe filled with mineral water. Instead, we’ll be exploring places which have been there since forever and haven't changed a bit. These are the places my father visited when he was in school and college. Definitely, he knows a lot more about these places than me hence he will be the guide of this walk. Expect tiny places with no chairs and tables, but the perfect chaat.

Why Fursat Food Walk? Because in small cities that's what people have in abundance. Fursat means leisure time and I am glad that people of Lucknow still find time to lazily roam around the streets tucking in the brilliant food this city has to offer.

You’ll find the details of the walk below. So sign up.

Date: 30th August, 2015
Time: 5pm - 8pm
Area: From Aminabad to Gurudwara Naka Hindola (Approximately 2 kms)
Food Stops: Four and we might stop for some kulfi too since the weather is such)
Price: You pay for what you eat. It won't be more than Rs 200-300 per person.
Total Spots: 10

To book a spot, Email me at, tweet to me @foodchants or drop a message on my Facebook page. Tell me a little about yourself in the mail.

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