Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tandoori Khumb (Mushroom)

Last weekend I received a bag of ingredients from Nature’s Basket. It had a pack of crunchy lettuce, fat asparagus spears, bright red vine tomatoes and two plump portobello mushrooms. Now, that last ingredient confuses me. I get a bit confused around mushrooms. What to do with these buggers? Add them to salad, make stir fry or a burger; is that all? This time I wanted to try something new. So I racked my brain, looked on the net and zeroed in on Tandoori mushrooms or khumb. It’s a pretty simple recipe and doesn’t need a lot of preparation.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How not to write about food 101

"The gorgeous *** breast looked like ***gasm on a ***. The sight of it was enough to tantalize my ***. The first *** was an explosion of *** in my mouth."

Now read it again...

"The gorgeous chicken breast looked like foodgasm on a plate. The sight of it was enough to tantalize my tastebuds. The first bite was an explosion of flavours in my mouth."

What? of course I was talking about food you sick mind! Do you think there are other kind of breasts that can look gorgeous? Huh?

With so much food porn, foodgasm and voluptuous prawns around it's hard to maintain an asexual relationship with food. But can we not save these adjectives for our husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners etc. and enjoy a platonic relation with our meals?

This post is not about how to write about food. A lot of food writers know much more about it than I do. This post is to tell the food writers and bloggers how to not write about food. It’s pretty simple, if your writing makes the dish sound unappetizing you are doing it wrong. Your words should give a clear picture of what’s on your plate and not what’s in the hidden folder of your hard drive. Of-course, unless you aspire to be the next E.L. James. In that case you are doing the right thing.

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