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Bacon+caramelized onion Ricotta Cheese Spread Rs 225 (150 gms) Refrigerate and use within 15 days
Spread it on toast, bagels, any other bread, parathas, rotis or eat it like a dip

Strawberry cream cheese spread (seasonal) Rs 150 (150 gms) Refrigerate and use within 7 days
Home made cream cheese mixed with fresh strawberries. Spread it on breads, croissants, crackers or cookies or just eat plain straight from the jar

Spicy Apple Cinnamon Chutney   Rs 130 (150 gms)  Refrigerate and use within 3 months
Spread it on roast beef, chicken or pork ribs; use it like a spread for sandwiches or simply eat it with parathas, roti or dosa

Mushroom+Cantaloupe seeds spread Rs 200 (150 gms) Refrigerate and use within 2 weeks
Very healthy bread spread with button mushrooms and toasted melon seeds. Spread it on sandwiches, bruschetta, crostini; make sauce for roasted chicken; make soup.

Olive+Garlic Ricotta Cheese Spread Rs 200 (150 gms) Refrigerate and use within 15 days
Home made ricotta cheese with minced, pimenta stuffed olives and garlic. Spread it on toast, make bruschetta, use it as salad topping or dip.

Flourless Chocolate Orange Cake Rs 150 (150 gms)  Refrigerate and use within 3 days
Flourless, slightly bitter, very chocolaty cake

How to place the order?
Tweet to me @foodchants
E-mail me at
Call me at +91 9920554628
Leave me a message on my Facebook page

Foodchants' products are also available in The Basket Case's monthly and gift baskets. You can place your order for the basket by tweeting @TweetTheBasket, e-mailing to or leave a message at

Orders and deliveries
You can place the order throughout the week and I'll discuss the delivery dates/days with you once you've placed the order. Since I stay in Goregaon and work in Matunga (yes, I have a full time job), deliveries between Malad to Dadar are fine. However, I would be more than happy if you offer a pick up.

Cash on delivery. If you plan on gifting these products to someone and want it to be delivered to them we can figure out online payment option.

Minimum order for Chocolate orange cake is 2 jars. Buy one for yourself and gift a friend too :)

I make Spicy Apple Cinnamon Chutney in advance cause it needs to sit for 2-3 weeks to gain flavour. I'll make an announcement every time I make a new batch.

Spicy Apple Cinnamon Chutney
Spicy Apple Cinnamon Chutney
Flourless Chocolate Orange Cake
Hot Chocolate Pops
Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread

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